Last updated February 19th, 2019

To our most welcome Web visitors – we are a Computer Club located in the Adult/Retirement Lifestyle Community of Sandycove Acres located in Innisfil Ontario.   Members of our community gather to learn new computer skills, discuss new (and old) computer oriented technologies and share associated interests, information and experiences.   Membership costs $15.00 per year per household and is open to all residents of Sandycove Acres.    For more information about the Sandycove Acres community please follow this link  www.scahomeowners.com

Come out and join our interesting group – we currently have sign-up membership of approximately 75 households.  In addition to the presentations we have opportunities to share information with each other at social/coffee breaks and during Q & A time held at the end of each meeting.    Bring your laptop and connect for an on-hands experience.   Come on out even if you don’t have a laptop as the club has 9 laptops, 6 of which are allocated on a first come/first served basis at our Friday meetings.   

Meetings are held Mondays at the Spoke and Fridays at the Wheel.  All topics are covered at both meetings, including applications.

Be sure to check out the Meeting Summaries page on this site for the latest in presentations being made to both the Monday & Friday sessions.   As long as the presenters provide the site with material it will be posted as soon as possible.   There is also a very lengthy history of Meeting Summaries accumulated over the years.  CHECK IT OUT 


Friday meetings at the Wheel are from 1.00 – 3.00 pm on the 1st and 3rd Fridays of each month.  

    February 15 – “All Things Streaming” presented by Pat Collins.


March 1 – John will be continuing his coverage of PowerPoint with emphasis on the inclusion of pictures.

March 15 – Barrie will be talking about the Android Operating System and its use on our ‘phones / tablets.

March 29 – No meeting.


April 5 – John will cover the Customization of Windows-10 to meet our individual requirements.

April 19 – Good Friday – No meeting.


Monday meetings at the Spoke are from 1.00 – 3.00 pm – usually on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of each month.  Be sure to bring all your own questions with you.  Remember that the objective of these meetings is to discuss precisely what you want to talk about.

    February 18 – The SCC Web Site – Barrie will be talking about exactly what is made available on our Computer Club’s web site and how members can make the best use of it.


March 11 – “Computer Workshop” – Members are invited to bring their computers to this session and we will attempt to correct any noted errors and/or explain particular points you wish to discuss.  Any subject concerning the use of your PC is admissible at this session, so don’t be shy – make a note of the questions you have and bring them along!

March 25 – “Computer Basics 101 – Components & Terminology” – Barrie will be talking about the various parts which make up our computers and all those techy words used to define what’s going on.  This will be presented at a very basic level so that even relative newcomers to the world of computers can understand what we’re talking about.


SPECIAL NOTICE:  Note that on Saturday, March 16th the Computer Club will be co-sponsoring with the Homeowners’ Association a special event.  Brock Godfrey will be delivering a presentation concerning the various types of fraud which are so prevalent today and how we can protect ourselves against them.  The event will be presented at The Spoke starting at 2:00 pm.  Members are encouraged to attend this meeting.


HOME HELP services are offered to members only and are a volunteer-provided service of the Computer Club.   Contact BOB Stainton at 705-436-2651.  Be sure to have your information ready when you contact Bob and if necessary leave a message on his answering machine and it will be returned.  Please be respectful of the time you call as we are all volunteers.  Try to keep the calls between 9am and 5pm.  Check out the Home Help page for more info.  Don’t forget also that you can get to Pat Collins’ web site at http://patcollins94.1apps.com/ for information on iPads, Internet Service Providers and Streaming.  (Just copy Pat’s web site address from here and paste it into your browser.)

INNISFIL LIBRARY offers FREE courses on various computer-oriented topics including WORD,  EXCEL, FACEBOOK, E-MAIL, Intro’s to COMPUTERS and INTERNET, etc.  They  also offer a Multi-Media Lab, a media transfer station, plus a Tech Help  Desk for information on smart ‘phones, PCs, tablets, etc.  Drop in – no  need to pre-register.  They even have a 3-D printer with which you can experiment!  (Check www.innisfil.library.on.ca for details.)  Enquire about their  “Hoopla” facility for free access to new movies, music, electronic  books, etc.  (Available for Library members).  


Ask your question here and have it answered at the FRIDAY session – it will be answered anonymously.   Just copy the e-mail address below and submit your question using your own e-mail system. 





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